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Poppa (Allan)Bingham went home to be with the Lord, on April 16th, 2008.
Poppa was a wonderful friend to all who had the honor of knowing him. He loved making new friends, and he absolutely loved talking about Jesus.
Poppa was my best and dearest friend and I miss him every day of my life. I do find comfort in knowing that he is rejoicing in Heaven and has been reunited with the love of his life-- his precious loving wife that went on before him in 2004.
This website was created by Poppa and myself and he was so excited about it and so very hopeful of it becoming a beautiful ministry. He had high hopes of having nightly Bible study and winning many souls to the Lord. Every day Poppa would ask me, "how long do you think it will be before people start coming?".
I was going to close the site, but then I decided to keep it going in Poppa's memory. Some of you may say, "this doesn't look like Poppa's site. Poppa's site was blue." Well, you are absolutely correct. But that is because, just before Poppa went home to be with the Lord, he and I were in the process of remaking the website, because he didn't want his url address to say poppabingham.tripod -- he wanted it to say 'poppa's prayer corner'. So we had started over and redid the entire thing, and Poppa passed away before we could get it published. That is the reason for the difference in color and the different url address.  Please bookmark this one, so that you will be sure to come to the active site. I have unpublished the blue site, because that was what he and I had planned to do just as soon as this one was up and running.  Poppa's testimony, and his statement of faith, etc will always be here. I will never take that off the site, because those are Poppa's words, and they will remain untouched. I will, however, update the site regularly and maintain it the best I can in the ways that I feel will be pleasing to both Poppa and to our Heaven Father. So if you are reading this, then please join in and let's build it into the wonderful ministry that Poppa dreamed it would be.

Poppa Bingham wanted to have a live Bible study every night with chatroom and voice. He would most certainly have seen this through and it would have been a wonderful thing, if he had lived just a little while longer. But God had other plans for Poppa. He took him home and gave him perfect healing and now he is rejoicing with the angels. I believe Poppa will be "rooting us on" with much approval as we begin to attempt to fulfill his dream for this website.
At this time, I am not able to have the voice chat for the Bible study, but if you would be willing to take that part of it for him, please email me with your information and we will set it up.
I am also not going to start out with every night, but rather I am going to begin with one night a week. We will do the Bible study on Tuesday nights at 8:30pm central time. Please join us, and maybe with your help, we can get this started in Poppa's memory, and work toward being able to actually have the nightly studies that he intended.
I will add a chat room onto this site, specifically for the Bible studies, and will open the chatroom each Tuesday at around 8:00pm central time, so as to give everyone time to come on in and fellowship a little while before the actual Bible study lesson begins.
I also plan to add a message forum and discussion board to the site in the near future, but until then, we will use the guestbook and email as a means of contact.
If you have a particular topic that you would like to study on our Tuesday night meetings, please either put it in the guestbook, or email it to the Poppa's Prayer Mailbox, and I will get it in my email that way.
If you feel led to teach a particular topic or series, please feel free to let me know and that will be arranged also. If you have a sermon that has really touched your heart and would like to share it, please send it in an email so that I can post it on the site.  I would really appreciate your help in any way to make this happen for my dear friend. He was so very excited about this ministry and I would love to see it grow.
As I said before, Poppa Bingham was my dearest friend, and my brother in Christ. My name is Sister Joyce, and I will be praying and looking forward to hearing from all of you very soon. This is my feeble effort to continue this ministry for Poppa, because I believe he would be very pleased. But more than that, I feel that our saviour Jesus Christ would be pleased. Please pray about it and if the Holy Spirit leads, just jump in here and let's do this thing!