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My Testimony

Here's the story of my path to faith...

Where do I start? Well, in the beginning, I was 8 years old in the little town of Rich Hill, Mo.

On that beautiful night in 1949, I was baptized and during the laying on of hands by the elders, everyone said that there was a glow around me. And the Lord has always walked with me ever since then, even though as I grew up, I did not always do the things that I should do. I got to drinking and running wild like most young people do, but the Lord did not give up on me.

I had several automobile wrecks, from which I walked away without a scratch.

Later, during a vision, I saw the girl that I was to marry - a girl I had never seen before-- and yes, we did marry, and were married for 44 years, until the Lord called her home to be with him in May, 2004.

There was one time that I was going to pick up my youngest son at his National Guard drill, when I became choked on coffee and blacked out. The big work van that I was driving went off the road and down a very steep embankment, jumped a small creek and landed on the other side. The van was a totalled. When I came to and realized what had happened, the motor was still running, so I turned off the motor and climbed  out and looked around. Then I climbed the bank, and two ladies drove by and found me standing on the side of the road, and stopped to help. They asked me what was wrong, and then they saw the van, which was a complete mess. They asked what they could do to help, but I would not get into their nice car with blood all over me, so they went on home, which wasn't very far away, and came back with some towels for me to clean myself up with. A highway patrol officer came by and stopped to see what was wrong, since he could not see the van down there. He called for the medics, even though I told him I didn't need them, and they came and  checked me out and told me that I should go and have some xrays. The trooper wanted to know where we had the body carried when he walked down to the van and saw what a mess it was, but  I told him that I was the only one in the van. I did go the next day for the xrays, but everything was fine.

And then in 2000, our mobile home burned to the ground. My next oldest son and his two daughters were in the home at the time, as well as his uncle, but they all got out safely. I had several angel figures in the house and they never got stained at all.

Just after that is when I came back to the Lord all the way and we got into a Bible study and my wife accepted the Lord  as her savior.

And I have been walking and talking with my Lord every day since....

        and if I can help anyone come to know my Lord, all you have to do is ask, and I will do everything I can to help you.



Have a blessed day!